China's FIBC bag production and output value and unit price in recent years

Figure 1 FIBC Bag

Over the past five years, the average unit selling price of packaged bags has been basically flat and slightly decreased. However, in the past five years, the price of plastic raw materials has increased slightly, labor wages have risen, electricity prices have risen, freight prices have risen, etc. The price difference among them depends entirely on the internal digestion of plastic knitting enterprises, such as strengthening enterprise management, opening up sources and reducing expenditure, and saving energy and consumption. To adopt advanced equipment, or to reduce the profits of enterprises and so on.

Figure 2 FIBC products to be shipped

However, from the perspective of the development trend in 2014, the domestic share remains basically the same, but with the arrival of the world economic integration, the export business volume will continue to rise, and the FIBC bags produced by our company meet the domestic demand. In this case, we have now started to develop internationally and established our own international sales department to serve a wider range of customers.

Figure 3 FIBC bag packaging products to be shipped


China's FIBC bag production, output value and unit price in recent years