In the latest plastic weaving regulations in China, specific and detailed details on the relevant requirements for FIBC bags have been made. Single-layer bags, multi-layer bags and film bags are 1.2m. The peritoneal pocket was 1.0 m. In the new plastic knitting regulations, the drop test height of the peritoneal FIBC bag is 1.0m, for the following reasons:

For the three-in-one composite bag and its multi-composite, that is, the hot-melt resin is used to laminate the film or paper on the woven bag, although the tensile load is equivalent to or slightly increased with the uncoated woven fabric, the film is Or paper, basically one-way or two-way stretch film or paper, they consolidate the softness of the woven fabric of the bulk bag, and it is easy to be brittle when the drop test, the drop test height should be lower than the film bag. One point, so it is determined to be 1.0m.

The drop test on the container bag is basically the same as the drop test of the woven bag. This is mainly because they are made of the same raw materials and base cloth, and the materials are basically the same, so they bear The test of ability should also be basically the same.

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Modification of the drop height of the FIBC bag in the plastic weaving regulations