Woven provisions of our newest establishment, the relevant requirements of FIBC made specific details of specific provisions. Single bag, multilayer bags and film bags to 1.2M. Peritoneal bag to 1.0M. Woven in the new regulations, clearly the peritoneum Container drop test height 1.0M, for the following reasons:

Container for triple and more complex film, namely the woven composite film with a heat-fusible resin or paper, although the tensile load and not quite coating woven or increased slightly, but this layer of film or paper, basically one-way or two-way stretch film or a paper, they consolidated the FIBC woven softness, brittleness easily drop test when broken package, drop test height should be lower than the film bags point, thus determined to 1.0M.

Container for the drop test drop test has been basically the same bags, which is mainly derived from them are using the same raw materials and fabric made of the material are basically the same, so they affordability The test should be basically the same. You can also find out more information about Container through http://www.myfibc.com.


Woven provisions modifying drop height of FIBC