Plastic bags Perhaps we are very familiar, but for container bags and tons of bags might have a little unfamiliar to the bar, then what is FIBC? What is tons of bags it?

First, let's look at it bags, bags from the load for maximum bearing weight is 50 kilograms, which is already not a small amount of the dress, but in general, the average amount of plastic bags containing just 25 kilograms only; another aspect, woven itself is relatively light weight, the weight of a bag is less than 100 grams of the way, the quality is very light, and of course this is only in relation to tons of bags for the. But the bags also have many advantages, such as the amount produced within a period of time will be far higher than the number of tons of bags and FIBC, cook million pieces a day bag, as well as hand is printed and coated bags the film is very convenient, plastic bags will be used inside the bag, which is required in order to have many products are strict sealing and packaging, it must be equipped with a plastic inner bag. Also mentioned is the film role.

    Secondly, we look at the Container and tons of bags, container bags and tons of bags are in fact the same thing, just different names fills some friends, called Container ton bag. Literally you can see, tons of bags? Containing one ton weight of the bag is not it? Oh, in fact, it is so basic, such as FIBC bag large costumes, not only their own area and volume than many large bags, but also ordinary bags containing an amount can not be compared, in general, set bagging can dress a ton of weight and cargo, so the point of view, the advantage is very prominent, large costumes, do not like the bags as a small bag of a pouch, tedious; but its production process is also cumbersome than ordinary bags of.

    Above two is this: on the left is tons of bags or bulk bags, and the right of ordinary bags, after the above Comments, which we understand it. For more details, consult: http: //


Container with weaving with any difference?